The Lodge

Take a deep breath and leave the rest to us.


    Into the wild.

    Zebras, Ostriches and Kobus Lechwe can be seen in the park. Though you cannot enter their enclosure, feel free to take a thousand photographs and selfies. No flash please, so that the ostriches don't stick their heads in the ground!


      Go with the flow.

      Everybody knows that zebras are good swimmers, but let’s leave it to humans. This pool features reserved sun loungers for every property, naturally.


        A symphony of frogs
        under the milky way.

        This couldn't be wild without a lake. Ours is a mirror to a different experience in Alentejo. Not only does it reflect the moon, the sky and the stars, it transmits a feeling of peace and tranquility. Soak up the sensation, without actually going for a dip, swimming is not allowed, except in your dreams. The symphony of batrachians makes up for it.

          Playground & Volleyball

          Slide into your holidays.

          A perfect area to play outside with a slide, swings and a volleyball net. Don't forget to bring frisbees and a soccer ball. The Zebras will be watching you for a change.


            Have a taste of our lands.

            It’s not just about wine and cheese, Kuanza brings you a fruitful experience. With tropical varieties too. Our Orchard is the real deal. Where authentic cultivation leaves a natural feel and flavour to the fruit. There are mango trees, lime-trees, prunes and peaches and much more, naturally.


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